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Corporate & Taxation Services

We are one of the experienced Tax Consultancy Firm in Karachi, Pakistan with a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in handling tax matters and related issues. We are providing taxation services in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad and all over Pakistan to our clients. We’re the best choice in choosing Tax Consultant in Karachi, Pakistan.

We provides timely updates and guidance to our clients regarding Income Tax related changes/issues/SROs.

Secretarial Service

Secretarial services to our clients include filling of annual and periodic returns to be submitted to Registrar of Companies & other related authorities and guide our clients on the matters like board meetings, AGM and its notices EGM and its notices, submission of special resolutions and other related forms to Registrar of Companies. We also advise our clients on requirements of Corporate Laws and necessary conditions for carrying out any corporate law related activities.

Strategic Corporate Services

To maximize enterprise and shareholder value, these services aim to provide opinions and competition-sensitive strategies on the best form of ownership, equity and funding structure, which is both, compliant in legal terms, expeditious in regulatory compliance and flexible in practical operation.

Services in this sphere include planning, consultation, strategy formulation, documentation of agreements, contracts, Memorandum and Articles of Association and other related documentation and carrying out regulatory formalities in respect of:

  • Core Financials Revenue Management.
  • Strategic Financial Planning and Management.
  • Valuation of Assets and Appraisal Businesses.
  • Profit and Performance Management Strategies.
  • Business Strategic Planning / Strategic Business Planning.
  • Corporate Recovery and Turn Around Services / Corporate Recovery / Business Turnaround Services.
  • Business Risk Consulting and Internal Audit.
  • Computer Risk Management (CRM) / IT Security and Risk Management.
  • Business Process Re-Engineering.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Expense and Procurement Management.
  • Project & Work Management.
  • Business Risk Consulting.
  • Preparation of Financial Structure, Determination of Share Premium; Obtaining Approval / Consent to Issue Share Capital of the Company.
  • Making Arrangements in Foreign Placements, Underwriting of Issue of Shares.
  • Preparation of Prospectus, Completion of Formalities of Correspondence with Bankers to Issue.
  • Submission of Application for Approval of Stock Exchanges.
  • Submit Final Prospectus To SECP, Obtain Their Approval and Notify SECP About Subscription Results.
  • Dealing with Different Newspapers for Publication of Prospectus.
  • Making Arrangements for Printing of Prospectus and Application Forms.
  • Carry Out Pre and Post Balloting Scrutiny of The Applications.
  • Arrangement for Computer Balloting Shares.
  • Dealing on Behalf of Clients with Security and Exchange Commission, Monopoly Control Authority and Ministry of Finance.
  • Assisting In Obtaining Permission of Investment Promotion Bureau for Investors and Also Helping in Obtaining Permission for Foreigners to Work in Pakistan.

Companies Formation

Company formation / registration services to the clients includes preparation of necessary documents like Memorandum and Articles of Association. We also represent the business, which require special permissions, in Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan as well as other relevant authorities like Board of Investment, State Bank of Pakistan etc. The areas for which we specialize for formation of Companies include:

  • Financial Institutions like Banks, Leasing Companies and Modarbas.
  • Foreign Companies.
  • Foreign Joint Venture Companies.

Taxation Laws Services

Importance of tax returns now a days are very important that were never before. Tax legislation are very complex with emergence of new regulations in country and in international market. At this point of time the need of a tax consultant with knowledge and skills to deal with complex regulations increased.

Corporate Taxation Services

  • Preparation and Filing of Annual and Periodical Tax Return.
  • Withholding Tax Management and Related Compliance.
  • Managing Post Return Correspondence with and Representation Before Tax Assessment Authorities.
  • Obtaining Certificates of Tax Exemption & Special Tax Rates, Where Applicable.
  • Representation in Appellate and Reference Before Tax Appellate Authorities, Courts and Tax Settlement Commission.
  • Representation Before he Central Board of Revenue for Involving Its Jurisdiction for Administrative Ruling and Certification on Taxation Issues.
  • Tax Due Diligence Reviews.
  • Personal Taxation Services.
  • General Sales Tax (GST) – Planning Consultation, Compliance and Reporting Services.
  • Managing Tax Risks.
  • Our Consultants Equipped with Knowledge and Practical Exposure of New Regulations and Policies. We May Help Our Clients in Tax Obligations Including.
  • Updates in Tax Policy.
  • Tax Investigations.
  • In Time Submission of Tax Returns.

Our Services Include

We provide following services to our clients as an Income Tax Consultants in Lahore as well as throughout the Pakistan:

  • Filing of Annual Returns as Per Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.
  • Filing of Withholding Tax Statements as Required Under The Income Tax Ordinance, 2001.
  • Provide Information To New Clients, How To Become Tax Filer in Pakistan.
  • National Tax Number Registration (NTN No.).
  • Filing of Appeals before Income Tax Authorities / Tribunals.
  • Presentation before Income Tax Authorities for Case Hearings.
  • Income Tax Exemptions Certificate Documentation.
  • Income Tax Appeals Matters.
  • Income Tax Refunds Documentation.
  • Day To Day Tax Compliance / Advance Tax Calculations.

Further you may contact us for guidance in making right decisions.

Tax Consultancy

We provide complete tax consultancy ranging from registration with FBR to filing of annual & monthly tax returns & covering all compliance matters including audit proceedings for Individuals & Corporates.

Taxation Planning & Consultancy

We do e-Enrollment for Individual & STRN / NTN, AOP & Company Registrations for NTN / STRN. Annual Income Tax Returns and wealth & reconciliation statements. We also file Monthly sales tax returns, Withholding tax statements, Tax planning, advice and dealing with tax notices.

Registration Services

We register following three types of businesses in Pakistan:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership Firm
  • Company
  • We are providing services regarding Registration Services in Income Tax & Sales Tax, SECP (Company Formation) etc., Tax Exemption Certificate and Tax Refunds.

Statement Filling Services

We are providing services regarding

  • Statements Filling Services
  • Yearly Income Tax Return
  • Monthly Sales Tax Return
  • W.H. Tax & Wealth Statement

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